Types Of Drones And How They Function

There’s so many different types of drones, and they all function differently with cool features on each one.  There are aerial drones and underwater drones.  I will mention the highlights of each one and then determine which is my favourite.

The UAV – Unmanned Aerial Vehicle


UAVs are machines that do not require a human pilot to fly itself.  It can be controlled outside of the vehicle and are usually controlled by computers or remotes.  UAVs are most commonly used in the military for air support and surveillance work.  UAVs can also be purchased for leisure use.  They’re quite easy to get a hold of if they’re small and made to be a toy.  It can also be extremely useful in filming things in the air or perhaps even used a guides for farmers.  There are countless uses for UAVs and they’re becoming extremely popular in the tech field of work.

The ROV – Remotely Operated Underwater Vehicle


The ROV is a underwater drone with tether that is able to operate underwater without being controlled by a human on the inside.  Similarly to the UAV, the ROV can be controlled using a computer or remote device.  ROVs are tethered to cables which produces power and electricity to the drone.  ROVs are also most commonly used in the military for underwater support, minehunting, and minebreaking.  It can also be used as a support rescue system.  The other main use for the ROV is scientific research of the underwater systems.  People have also purchased ROVs for treasure hunting in shipwrecks.

If I had the funds to go and purchase one of the two, I would probably pick the remotely operated vehicle – ROV.  It’s a newer product and still has many cool developments that could be make.  It’s also not illegal to have if you’re close to an airport and doesn’t disturb much.  It would be really cool to see the underwater through the ROV, so I would definitely pick it over the UAV.